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As my husband is away a great deal I’m over people saying “let’s catch up when he’s home”. Really, so for the next 6 months until he is home what am I supposed to do? As a consequence I have developed a number of single friends, male and female, whom I include in my family events but who are happy to see me anytime. News flash! They are not interested in stealing my partner. The consequence of this is I only bother now with “real friends”, the ones who still see you and involve you when your a singleton.
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I am so lucky to be part of a wonderful neighbourhood of gardens. I have come to really appreciate the value of a veggie garden since moving here 10 years ago. Because we are not very good at judging how much to plant we always have an excess of something to deliver to the homes around us - even if we don't know those people yet and just see them in their own front yard. We have a good 'barter' system going too and have benefitted from other peoples growing and cooking/baking skills in return. Then the 'delivery round' itself starts conversations and introductions as neighbours share a chat and joke with each other over the fence. Once we even had a group of 6 of us pull up chairs in the front yard next door as the continuation of an impromptu 'plum tasting party' where passers-by walking dogs were called upon to judge and stopped for a chat. As someone who herself is quite reserved I cant tell you how much I have enjoyed the discovery of the smiles around our own neighbourhood here. And all because my husband loves to garden.

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This is a welcome counterbalance to those articles praising new builds that put up structural barriers to any contact with neighbours and passersby.


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