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Never not in a million years store any medications in places like those baskets or low pull outs. Even if you don't have kids, some one will invariably come to visit with kids and we all know what kids like to do. If your medications, vitamins, doggy or pussy cat medications are past use-by take them to the chemist for disposal not in the rubbish bin! Never keep thyroid medications out of the fridge. Never keep medications ON a fridge (it gets hot up there from the fridge working) nor on microwaves (same issue) Never ever in a million years give someone medication you think is ok for them, even codeine can cause an allergic reaction in some people. I keep most of my medications in the fridge in a childproof container (I don't have kids but some times they visit) due to their nature of viability. Others are stored in a very high up shelf in a container in the coolest part of the house. Daily vitamins are in little tubs by my tea caddy with only a few doses for ease of use, saves lugging out the massive plastic jars they come in out of the pantry each time. I love the little first aid kit style box in Pic 2. Very cute!

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Please remember, medicines should always be kept out of reach of children!
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Janet Dunn

After accidentally swallowing inhalant instead of cough syrup, in identical brown plastic bottles, I have stuck large labels on bottles that look the similar. I store cold and flu stuff separate to bandaids, bandages, etc. and all prescription medication separately in large tupperware boxes. Just about any medication can be abused or overdosed on - so store high - we live in a dangerous world!


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