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D Willis

Make a "cold water bottle". Get a frozen ice brick (one of the ones that goes in an Esky or cooler), wrap in a tea towel, secure with two rubber bands and voila a cold water bottle for hot nights. Works a treat.

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Mike Brooks

Splash ’n‘ sleep

I have a quick shower at a low temperature, then I stand in the shower under the exhaust fan. This draws the air over the moisture on your skin. This is how perspiration works. It saves water too

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Nadia Najjar

Personally, I prefer to turn off all my screens before I go to my bedroom…….! TV……. IPad….. and mobile phone….! I hate being wakened in the middle of the night by someone who I don’t know, trying to scam me….! Or a ping from someone who “likes”. something I wrote on Facebook….! Friends and family know this, so they don’t call me after 10 pm. Soft light at my bedside and silence while I settle down allows me to fall asleep within minutes……… 🌸


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