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If you need stump grinding, some heavy pruning or even a few brave tree loppers to come and take down a tall timber, Houzz can help! Arborists and tree contractors offer a range of services including tree removal, treatment and maintenance. Browse this page to find a professional in your area. More
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Arborist & Tree Service in Levin, NZ
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We are tree specialists and undertake all aspects of tree work in Whangarei and the wider Northland area. No... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in Whangarei, NZ
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Arborist & Tree Service in Auckland, NZ
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We are your tree work specialists. We carry out everything to do with arboriculture. Our qualified Arborists... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in 126 Mangawhai Heads Road. RD 2, Kaiwaka, NZ
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Arborist & Tree Service in south africa, NZ
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Les Arbres is an award winning firm comprised of arborists and horticulturalists which have been in the tree care... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in Georgetown, CT
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彩葉苑では「家族の生活を暖かく包み込む庭づくり。」 をモットーに、緑のある暮らしのサポートをさせて頂いております。 子育て世帯にはエディブルプランツを多用し、食べれて遊べる格好良いお庭。 ... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in 横須賀市, 神奈川県, JP
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心地よい陽ざし、風にそよぐ木の葉、みどりや花の薫り、小鳥のさえずり、そして季節のうつろい。ほんの少しでも心からやすらげる時間を持つことで、人はやさしく、心ゆたかに暮らすことができます。 ... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in 久留米市, 福岡県, JP
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安堵感と懐かしさへ 里山の自然、新たな発見 よく管理された里山の風景には常々心が引かれます。田んぼと接する雑木林の景色に懐かしさと、感動すら覚える... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in 宇治市, 京都府, JP
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【about】 庭や植物によって「住」という生活そのものがより向上するような庭づくりを心掛けています。 流行りの植物をただ選ぶのではなく意味を... Read More
Arborist & Tree Service in 世田谷区, 東京都, JP
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Featured Reviews for Arborists & Tree Services
Les Arbres Tree Service & Fine Gardening
Arborists & Tree Services
"The work done 11/3-11/10/2016 was of extraordinary quality, punctual, and very professional. It was also very thoughtful about what needed to be done to effect the best result for the trees and for their visual impact. You can waste time, energy and money on other arborists; I have. Les and his team are a clear 6; oops, 5 is the highest rating!"
- Mitchell Cole
彩葉苑  いろはえん
Arborists & Tree Services
- 大竹稽
Arborists & Tree Services
"お庭の設計施工を毎回お願いしています。 私が設計した新築住宅や店舗の雰囲気や予算に合わせ、イメージ以上のお庭に仕上げて頂いています。 設計監理の立場でありながら、あいランドスケープさんが造るお庭には、いつも感動です。 自邸外構もお世話になりましたが、植栽アフターもしっかりして下さり、植物への愛情が伝わってきます。 あいランドスケープのみなさんの人柄とお仕事は心強いです。"
- gohome設計事務所
Arborists & Tree Services
"弊社は都心部の狭小地に「緑を感じる家」をコンセプトに活動しておりますが、その「緑を感じる・・・」部分を、庭楽さんにお願いしております。注文住宅ですので毎回クライアントは違いますし、敷地の環境と希望も変わります。 その中で我々の一歩先をいった提案と、数年後の風景を見越した提案をしていただき、いつも感心させられるとともに安心してお願いできる頼もしいパートナーです。"
- 有限会社 建栄
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When would I need the help of an arborist?

Generally, cutting and removing trees can pose various risks to your safety (and property). An arborist or tree lopper can do the job quickly and is aware of all the hazards involved. They can also provide stump grinding services if you’ve already cut down a tree and have an unsightly tree stump left behind. Often, you’ll be left with mulch, woodchips and firewood to use at your discretion! For emergency tree removal, limb removal or cable bracing (providing support to a tree stem), a professional is necessary.

Whether you’re planning a new garden or landscaping an existing one, an arborist can also advise you on the best tree selection for your environment, assist in planting, and can provide you with a long-term maintenance plan. Furthermore, they can help you diagnose any insect problems or diseases threatening existing plants in your yard. If you want to relocate a tree, an expert in arboriculture can give you advice on what it will need to flourish, and will replant it accordingly. Other services include hedge and shrub trimming, tree pruning and mulching.

Tree contractors and arborists may work in conjunction with landscaping professionals to create a seamless design. Here are some related professionals and vendors to complement the work of arborists & tree services: Landscape Contractors & Gardeners, Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Garden & Landscape Supplies.

Find an arborist or tree lopper on Houzz. Scroll through this page to find tree services in your area. You can browse professionals’ latest projects, read reviews and see how other homeowners rate their work, and message them directly.