Oarsom Creative Ltd
Oarsom Creative always tests assumptions and the status quo to ensure we derive better, smarter and more cost/time effective solutions. New Zealand's only SIPs-only "smarchitect" (as dubbed by our clients), we use high performance prefabricated Structural Insulated Panels to create warm, safe, beautifully crafted spaces (be they homes or spaces for larger gatherings). Then we collaborate with enablers to help make these dreams become reality. Partners include building industry professionals - builders, fabricators, technical experts, and our network of like-minded innovators. Budget and Life Cycle costs are always paired with problem solving and taking the ordinary to make something extra-ordinary.
Services Provided

Smart Architectural Innovation:- masterplanning, concept + detailed design, project management, procurement and realisation. Facilitation, negotiation and enabling.

Areas Served

Nationwide - NZ Global projects in UK, Switzerland and Australia


B.Arch NZ 1991