TCs front entry

8 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi. Hoping for ideas to make our front door area look more like a front entry. Unable to afford anything structural if it means adjusting the existing corrugated iron, but happy to adjust the clear roofing product over the pergola-type structure that covers the front deck. Photo taken 8am on a sunny summers morning. Front door does not get winter sun. Would verandah railing each side of steps help? I always prefer symmetry but as front door not central in wall the steps not in middle of deck either and verandah railing will be different lengths each side. Or in summer months should I dress seating with outdoor cushions (even though we never sit here!) I would quite love to bring the front door forward somehow, as the entry wall inside cuts into the small room making it a very small room (the width of the 3 pane window shown at right) This is a Bungalow built 1939 with extensions. On the left is a lean-too containing a bedroom, & laundry with external door. The next window is bathroom, then front door, then small living area window. The right side of building with 2 small leadlight windows is the kitchen.

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