Amazing views / concrete prison decor!

8 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi. I am renovating and would love to hear ideas for my exterior walls. This is an apartment with lovely views, big windows, and deep windowsills. The construction is concrete. There are pillars between the windows and they sit out about 10 cm from the wall under the window. There is currently a stylish (not!) vinyl strip in lieu of skirting/baseboard. The windowsill and apron board are dead plain and there are no decorative features at all. At present the sills and aprons are painted white and the walls and pillars are creamy off-white. There are three windows with pillars between across the length of the room and one large window at the end (you can see the corner where they meet in the first photo). I am thinking that given the era of the building and the basic concrete construction, the look will need to be simple and modern rather than traditional/character - but open to lateral thinking! Thanks for any ideas!

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