Bathroom look trends 2019

April 1, 2019

Hi guys!

We are creating a new brochure for our products in 2019. We want to create some images including our mirrors in bathroom settings that are on trend and forecast to be the top looks that people want to create for their bathrooms in 2019.

Can you please give me some advice and opinions on what bathroom looks you love the most?

I'm going to attach some images of different looks. Please vote for what ones you like the best! If you believe there's more on trend looks I am missing, please comment your advice.

Thank you, very much appreciate it.

Beach Boho/Chic bathroom
Minimalist White/Black/Grey tones
Vibrant, stand out tiles and patterns
Industrial bathroom

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    Pleased to Bijou Design

    HI,they are all lovely bathrooms (aside from the way too high mirrors, but then, I am small!) but the bottom two have styles that have been done to death on all those DIY shows.. i think the top two images are the most timeless in a contemporary way - they look "on trend" (i hate that expression, especially for bathrooms that need to stand the test of time) but accessible. I especially like the top one - it's new, it's fresh, but not faddish, if you know what i mean! Hope that helps in some way??