help with bathroom redesign

Lu D
April 23, 2019

hi everyone. I am looking to reno this bathroom. As little as possible to keep costs down. the current bath is very shallow. Only about 2 foot deep. the taps pictured therefore sit very low as well. So will this be a big issue for a new tub?

I think i have 2 options

1. Claw foot bath: what does this mean for the the shower (its behind the shower curtain). Also How will this impact current tap placement? Is it easy enough to raise the taps?

2. A sunken bath: this can add the depth I'm looking for without having to disturb current tap placement, well theoretically at least. is it difficult to do a sunken bath? i.e. dig deeper to fit the tub in

Does anyone have a view of costs for each option? or in general?

this is the current bathroom

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