What kitchen sink do I use?

Libby Stano
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago


I have lived with our U shaped kitchen for 25 years and am now renovating.

The U is being demolished and an island is replacing it. Because we do not want to mess with the plumbing the sinks will be located in the island.

The cabinet configuration on the kitchen side of the island from left to right looking out into a family room goes like this :

A 450mm cabinet (draws) with bench space above it.

A 200mm cabinet (pullout) for washing up items with bench space above it.

A 700mm cabinet with inset combination sinks. (1 + 1/2 sinks) Half sink (with insinkerator) on the left of large sink.

A 600mm cabinet containing dishwasher with bench space above it.

A 400mm cabinet with single sink inset into it.

A 300mm cabinet (pullout) for washing up items with bench space above it.

A 600mm cabinet (draws) with bench space above it.

Having been told the combination sink comes with the bowl configuration of my choice. I am now told it doesn't

So I am searching again.

I have noticed there are far more sinks set this way around (small sink on the left) if I go for a sink with a drainage board however from looking at photos it seems to be the trend that most island bench sinks are either inset mounted or top mounted without an additional drainage board.

While my first world problem is a minor one in the greater scheme of things. There are many things I now wish I had done differently when we originally built our home. Having the opportunity to rebuild a part of it, I'm just not wanting to end up feeling the same way.

I guess what I am wanting it the opinion of others.



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