Has anyone used rainforest brown marble for kitchen counters? Pros? Co

Leslie Brooks
February 23, 2014
Is this a good option in the kitchen?

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  • Denita
    Here are some pics where people have used it in their home. Click on the name and you can get the product contact info to get pros and cons too. Hover to expand photo.
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  • Leslie Brooks
    Thanks. I'm looking into this as an option. It is gorgeous and would look amazing with the tile I've chosen. I am trying to make a good decision and not have regrets.
  • Leslie Brooks
    I would like some people to share personal experience....pictures only sort of help. I want info from people who actually cook in their kitchens.
  • PRO
    Avanti Marble & Granite Inc.
    This material is actually considered to be a Serpentine. What this means is that it isn't made up primarily of Calcium like marble and therefore, it will not react the same way to acids and etch like marble. We highly recommend honed marble on countertops, but this material can remain polished without the same concern. It resists scratching better than many marbles, but can scratch if abused.
  • Margo
    I have rain forest in my bathroom and love it. I have had no problems with it and it has been 8 years;)
  • Margo
    I think if you go with Rainforest you should consider a copper sink. My only regret.
  • Leslie Brooks
    I'm going with a white cast iron sink. It will go well with my antique Seller's cabinet which has a white porcelain top.
  • Leslie Brooks
    Your countertop is gorgeous! No issues with etching?
  • PRO
    Stone Works Marble & Granite LLC
    We made a kitchen many years ago, only problem was on the Island the overhang on it was more than 10" and someone sat at the end on top of the stone. It broke the client had to replace it this time we reduce the overhang and she ensured no one else sits on it.
  • Leslie Brooks
    My island is an antique oak bean counter. So no issues there.