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Barbara Dunstan
You sound like just the person for me.
I am embarrased at times when I get asked by someone in the know: "what is your style"??
I would love to get the help of a designer but always thought that one needs to be quite rich to be able to afford these services, as well as you pointed out that I did believe they will try to push their personal ideas and it's nice to know that not all designers work this way.
What is my style???? I don't know what it's called but I know what I like, which is a livable comfy, homely space that is also quite minimalist and I don't like bright bold colours for my home but soft neutral late type colours.
I drew up my house plan to scale and we are building it entirely ourselves and we're almost ready for the roof.
I also measured everything that I already own or plan to buy to make sure the items actually fit into the individual rooms.
I have intentionally installed double front doors for access to the kitchen and lounge for the fridge, couch etc... as well as an outside door in the master bedroom to get the furniture into this room given we have a king size bed that would otherwise have to travel down the passageway, which by the way is 1.2m wide to allow for furniture to the other rooms.
I'm glad I have mostly followed your listed points except for asking for advice.
I promise myself now, that I will in fact seek the help of a designer, as you have given me reason to believe that I would benefit greatly and I probably can afford to do so.
I am so overwhelmed with colours and styles at times, that I could almost sit in a corner and cry with despair but seriously, I do keep trying to work out what I like, get colour swatches any keep looking.
Thankyou for your post, as it has reinvigorated me to keep trying.
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Front Door Building Design
Very well stated advise for homeowner going it alone on a project in their home. Never be afraid to ask a professional for advise. Many designers including ourselves offer a selection service for choosing flooring and paint colours as well as helpful advise on interior design. Getting a second opinion can really help steer you in the right direction and help you to develop and define your style while incorporating the key pieces that you love.
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