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Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal

You should also consider that your home be assessed for signs of asbestos before removing any structures. Asbestos causes serious health effects that result in lung cancer and death to anyone who breathe in the fibres! It's also wise to note that due the safety issues, asbestos removal should only be undertaken by the experts.

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If you haven’t consulted a structural engineer directly about removing a load bearing wall, ask your builder for a copy of the structural assessment.

Make sure the assessment is free of caveats such as “based on information provided by others”. This will ensure the engineer has actually conducted a site inspection and not relied on what the builder has reported.

Our idiot builder removed a load bearing wall, rough guessed at the size of the beam required, got it very wrong, and also failed to brace it to the house properly. He lied about obtaining a structural assessment. He got caught out. He then lied to the engineer about what he had installed and what type of roof we have. If we had not insisted on an assessment free of caveats, we would never have known the beam was under-dimensioned and virtually useless... until the roof caved in. Captain Dodgy couldn’t follow the engineer’s simply instructions either. Three beams later he got it right.

Make sure an engineer conducts a site inspection, before work commences and after completion - to confirm the builder has not cut corners and has installed the beam according to their specifications.

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Carletta Ousley

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