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Els Bels

I think the issue with finding a temporary accommodation is that estate agents/property owners look for long term commitment. I keep delaying the renovations because I am dreading living on site with two neurodivergent kids and a dog.

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There’s a couple of choices here, you could buy a small cheap caravan and use that as your stopgap (making sure, of course, you have somewhere secure to park it - and that it’s permissible! I used to live on an estate where the parking of caravans was against the covenants so do check) or you could do what I did and that’s set up a ‘field kitchen’. I was very lucky in that I have a huge hallway so set up my dining table with kettle, microwave, toaster, one ring hob bought online and electric pressure cooker. Washing up was done in a bowl in the bath and I had fresh cold water from the garden tap. My partner still had his flat but I couldn’t take my dogs there and didn’t want to leave them alone on what was effectively a building site. You could still set up a field kitchen in a small gazebo with outdoor safe extension cable but do be very safe if you decide to use a barbecue for cooking as you’ll need plenty of circulating air for fumes - carbon monoxide is a known hazard with barbecues.
It’s not impossible to set up a makeshift cooking facility anywhere in the house but it does take a bit of planning and consideration for the safety of everyone

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Extremely timely as we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation and converting part of our playroom into a utility room. We’re not extending so it’s not a huge job. We’re living at home while it goes on, 2 kids, a bearded dragon and a dog.
It is disruptive. Day 1 the dog escaped twice so I found a doggie day care (where he had to be interviewed!!) where he happily trots off to each day.
Our teenager sometimes finishes school early. She can’t come home those days as it would be entirely inappropriate to have her in the house with adults unknown to her. So she has to kill lots of time
The office is now home to our mini kitchen - microwave, air fryer and two ring hob. Bearded dragon is temporarily housed there.
The washing of the dishes in the bathroom is a total pain. Everything takes longer. Everywhere is a mess. Living room full of appliances, crockery, food, old fridge freezer, new fridge freezer. Dust, dust and more dust. Builders machinery everywhere. We’re not onsite during the day so they have the run of the place however we definitely feel one of us should nearly be off work to answer questions immediately.
However it’s getting there and it is exciting to see the progress. I don’t think I could build a house from scratch! This small renovation project is tough enough!


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