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Oh boy, there is NO WAY I would walk into a room with that enormous spider! I don't care that it's not real.

When I was a teenager, I went with my sisters to a Haunted House. We waited and waited in line and by the time it was our turn to enter, I had freaked myself out so badly with dread and fear that I turned around and left.

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anna L

In Australia Halloween has only taken off in the last few years. I love the kids coming to my house for lollies, if there is a group of them I ask them to sing me song. Is there anything else that you do with kids that call at your door? Cheers! Anna

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This year we put a sign out saying "No Halloween Here, Halloween HERE" with an arrow pointing to a map of USA. Living in Australia I am cranky that Woollies and Coles have finally been successful at pushing this! I dont mind if people want to do Halloween at a party or even an open-to-all street parade but the "give us a lolly" door to door collecting is invasive. I hear people planning to go out that night, or stay working late until the big door knock is over, others worry that their 'treats' wont cut it ("last year I had nut clusters and they hated them. We don't buy lollies." from a conversation next door). All for something that has no meaning here. AND its summertime - not even the right weather for ghostly spookiness. Our childish Ghouls and parents are roaming around in sunscreen. Its ridiculous. Last year we put this at the door. It worked.


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