Pink Pool Design Ideas

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This beautiful Toll Brothers designed outdoor living space is accented with Coronado Stone Products Playa Vista Limestone / Cream. The gorgeous pool and indoor-outdoor living space is tied together with the unique stone veneer textures and colors. This is the perfect environment to enjoy summertime fun with family and friends!

Ranking as one of most challenging projects we've ever undertaken and rightfully taking pride of place on our home page. A stunning design meticulously brought to life from an architects pencil sketch. These beautiful bespoke fantop shutters provide the perfect peaceful ambience for the health spa at the Brenner Park Hotel in Germany's Black Forest. Photo by The House of Shutters

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The swimming pool designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is 125’6” feet long, 21’ 6” feet wide. If the pool had been built in Wright’s day it would have been filled up with fresh water and emptied and refilled 7 days later with no provisions for filtration or heating systems. Silver and his guests however would require a swimming pool with modern conveniences of purification, heating, and cleaning. Dr. Jon Meincke, the founder of Crystal Pools an expert in swimming pool circulation and cleaning systems with six patents and international patents pending would tackle the swimming pool’s challenges by balancing respect for Wright’s design and building a pool with the latest in swimming pool innovation. The original owner, Stevens, an efficiency expert hired Frank Lloyd Wright in 1938 to design Auldbrass to be a working plantation would have appreciated Meincke patented Circ-u-vac System. (See Our Technology) Wright himself would have approved of the in floor system since it would not affect his design and is similar in concept to Wright’s radiant heating for the floors of the Auldbrass home.



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