Will this tile, flooring and vanity work together?

J Corn
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Click on photo to enlarge.

The photo is an idea board of a possible bathroom option . Forgive my amateur skills. I found an online design program last night and am not yet up to speed. Far from it.

I just went to know if these choices could work together.

I already have and love the vanity ( couldnt get much of that to show but the top is a travertine which does work with everything else)

its whether the "everything else" works together that I'm focusing on. I love each one...so I hope so.

I'll have a frameless shower door.

My preliminary plan :

1. Use the basket weave tile for a back accent wall in the shower. The dark insets are actually brown and match the dark inserts in the baslet weave and I think it ( hope) it should work with the vanity, which is a darker brown than the photo shown.

2. Use the same tile ( the almost solid light tile) on the floor and 3 walls of the shower. The floor tile blemds with the basket weave ( hope that shows)

3. Use the darkest tile on the relatively small floor of the shower ( practical, easy clean won't show dirt)

These choices will be a base for accents such as sconce lights, towel bars, bathroom mirror, etc.

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