Is a tiled 2700mm feature wall above vanity too high in tiny bathroom.

6 months ago

I would really like to a tiled feature wall above vanity to be the hero wall of my bathroom. It is the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom. The walls are 2700mm high, the vanity is 1600mm long, but the bathroom is very tiny with a depth of only 1600m. The door opening is at the centre of one side of this 1600mm depth (2500mm long bathroom) and the vanity is on the opposite wall. I was planning to have a round mirror in front of brickart tiles (subway) in a soft grey colour and laid in a vertical stacked position to the ceiling. However, I have been told that this will be too high for a bathroom as small as mine. It has been suggested that I stop the tiles at shower frame height or slightly higher. Can someone please provide some design advice. Is 2700mm too high to have 230 x 45mm stacked tiles. The shower area would just have bigger white tiles to same height as the feature tile wall. Most likely the wall with door on it and the other spare wall will just be painted.

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  • Kate
    6 months ago

    My initial thought is it May make the room fell narrower doing the short wall opp door. Might be ok if not to great a colour contrast. And if it is beautiful that might be the way to go. -other views?