Kitchen + Laundry reno...

5 months ago

Hi all, we are planning to renovate soon. I would like to have a butler's pantry in the laundry.

Our current laundry feels like an outdoor space, though it is a part of the house, beside the kitchen.

Our previous home was an apartment, and when we renovated the kitchen and laundry, we put the laundry below the bench and butler's pantry above, as it was only a small space. I am actually considering doing the same in this house, then build a wall + door, to close it off from the rest of the current laundry. In the remaining space, between the laundry/butler's pantry, and back glass door, we would have a bench + sink, both for laundry use (our dog will sleep here too). Any thoughts on this? We have also considered closing off the garage access from the laundry, and putting a door in the family room to access the garage. I'd love your opinions on this. Thanks in advance. x

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