Deck Balustrading - Glass - I need clarity regarding regulations pleas

Bob Keen
4 months ago

Hi - Am wanting to have a glass ballustrade on our deck - it will sit higher than 4m from the ground (raised floor residential building). Im aware of the broad regulations BUT really need some basic clarity ont he following:

  • Do I need a specific glass? Im assuming 12 mm but dont have the specific req's.
  • Whats the max length of the glass panels I can have?
  • Does the balustrade need a top rail or can it be placed on spigots alone without a top rail?
  • Is there a BEST SUPPLIER out there that could be recommended? (Im in NSW).

ANY additional advice would be welcomed. THANKS

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  • oklouise
    4 months ago

    check with HIA and BCA for specific advice