West and east facing living area

8 months ago

Hey. I im a bit conflicted and looking for inspiration. I’m looking at building on the West Coast of Nz. There are views of the ocean on the west side and a veiw of the mountain on the east side.
I’ve got sliding stackers on both sides to maximise on the views.
The entrance way is on the eastern side and I wanted a covered area for people to leave their shoes and get out of the rain. During bad weather
I come up with the idea with the builder to extend the roof line on the eastern side to accommodate this.
As soon as I saw the pictures I loved the look the extended roof gives the house. But I can’t help thinking that it would be better on the western side, to shade from the arvo sun and the heating we will get inside from the glare. As well as a taller view of the mountain.
There won’t be anyone home during the days but there will be a sea breeze in the summer arvos.
If I put the extended roof on the western side has anyone got an idea for a economical way to put shelter over the entranceway on the western side. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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