Hybrid Vinyl planking in bathroom/laundry

Sarah Fitzhenry
March 3, 2019
Has anyone had expirence with putting hybrid vinyl planking (eg korlock) in bathrooms or laundry’s?
I’m getting conflicting information about the expansion gap around the shower/toilet areas and how to negotiate the drain hole.
Any advice is greatly appreciated:)

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    Dr Retro House Calls
    Is korlok resistant to moisture? I am not familiar with the vinyl planking but seems like a great opportunity for mould and mildew under the planks. You should check with the manufacturer about the suitability of their products in wet areas.

    best of luck

    Dr Retro
    of Dr Retro House Calls
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    Floor Quotes

    Hi Sarah

    Might be worth taking a look at the below link.

    The Drain Holes will need to have access and be siliconed.

  • Sarah Fitzhenry
    Thanks for your help:)