Black Living Room Design Photos

Anneke Hill
red and pink colouring - bonniebeatson2


Putra Indrawan
Exposed beams - nikitahoyle93

Residential Interior Decoration of a Bush surrounded Beach house by Camilla Molders Design Architecture by Millar Roberston Architects Photography by Derek Swalwell
layout, fire and tv on same wall - arrowmonk

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colorscheme with schist - kathyfgoodwin

While a part of designer furniture history, Red Edition creates extremely contemporary models. Ingenious storage accessories, proportions adapted to today’s urban spaces, colors and pastels, an exclusive distribution network and a strong Internet presence: all combine to make Red Edition a unique brand adored by Generations X and Y.
floor and wood colour combine - mandspooley

Living room connected to entry/breezeway/dining through dutch door. Stained fir joists cap walls painted Sherwin William, Dark Night. Photo by Paul Finkel

View of LED lighting behind custom artwork - The artwork appears to float on the wall with the LED lighting and is further enhanced by the track lighting. Custom art by local artist. Photo courtesy of Fred Lassmann

Ziger/Snead Architects with Jenkins Baer Associates Photography by Alain Jaramillo


Martha O'Hara Interiors, Interior Selections & Furnishings | Charles Cudd De Novo, Architecture | Troy Thies Photography | Shannon Gale, Photo Styling
family room between kitchen & dining - geoff987

Marcell Puzsar Bright Room SF
Dark floors great - webuser_621665458

“Glass is one of the most dominant materials in the house, from the Crittall screens to the toughened glass on the gangways upstairs, and the skylights. As a result, hardly any of the existing spaces are walled in completely.”
lounge room - rachaelcorcoran

Shawn O'Connor
Ceiling - lee_anna_j

Paul Craig
graphic wallpaper light dining area next to contrasting dark lounge - jclouden

This turn-of-the-century original Sellwood Library was transformed into an amazing Portland home for it's New York transplants. Custom woodworking and shelving transformed this room into a warm living space. Leaded glass windows and doors and dark stained wood floors add to the eclectic mix of original craftsmanship and modern influences. Lincoln Barbour
sofa colour and shelf behind - kelsey_muir


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FURNITURE MINACCIOLO photographer Kirill Ovchinnikov