Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country Kitchen 1 - pat_teawa_davis


doors either side of back wall - rebeccajoybrown

Peter Marko
Sink and tap - webuser_87088355688310316

Josephine Willcox
Pale blue panels below the counter and on rear wall. - alex_hood20

Large and easy to use Polypropylene kitchen with island featuring 40mm stone bench top, extra large undermount farmhouse Porcelain sink, Highland gas cooktop, integrated dishwasher and Liebeher fridge/freezers and Bosch steam assist oven with Microwave combi oven. Photo by Shelly Willingham

Bench block - webuser_15634261827

Aspect 11 Photography
textured wood for cabinets horizontal, long pattern/grain colour/depth of wood - daphne2051

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Amazing large country kitchen with loads of bench space, storage and a butler's pantry. Display cabinets show off personal items and add to the country warmth and style. More photos and information on our website. Tim Turner Photography
Kitchen idea - nicol75

Sue Stabbs
shelf caddy at end of bench, ideal storage for trays and boards etc - eddieandgracie

Lauren Spolding
Denim blue subway tiles creates a great way to add a splash of colour to a kitchen - emberruby

Rachael Turner founded her company Front Porch Properties to follow her greater passion for renovation and design. This Coorparoo, Queensland home was a massive renovation! The original Queenslander was raised up and used as the second story and the home was built out into a magnificent American style home. There is a heavy American barn / farm house influence with a twist of feminine which is just perfection. Intrim supplied SK12 Skirting & CR22/IN23 for wainscoting.
island bench - eddieandgracie

Hannah Puechmarin
Hanging pots. Or pans. Or mugs. Interesting. - stuart_mudd


Jonathan VDK
I can guarantee Katie won't like this. It's too woody. BUT 1) The woody-ness is made more obvious because it's in massive contrast to the cold, white, hard floor (Natural timbers are "soft and warm"). So it's a bit bleurgh. 2) If you're going for this staunch traditional look, don't use a modern light, stool, tap fittings etc. It looks cheap. 3) Too Natural for Katie. The wood would have to have a super light stain on it, or painted. - stuart_mudd

like the white cabinets and then blue island - lisa_simmonds6