Grey Pool Design Ideas

A fresh take on a time-tested favorite can be risky, but the Carlton Shores design is an example of a risk worth taking. This sprawling cottage harkens back to the Arts & Crafts revival, while still managing to exude contemporary appeal. The home sits on the property like a great hunting lodge with its use of exposed wood trim and brackets. A striking array of windows gives the exterior an inviting look, as if to defy the elements and welcome nature right in. Simplicity rules the interior of the home, leaving the dramatic decorating to the outside views. A creative use of natural materials, such as wood and marble, compliment the flora-and-fauna focus of the home’s aesthetic. Every wall is dominated by glass. Windows of every shape and size allow residents to take in their surroundings, while creating a spacious, open atmosphere. The curving wooden staircase with its high ceilings gives the impression you are climbing into the trees. A soaring two-story vaulted ceiling covers the indoor pool area, which includes a kitchenette and sitting room. Glass doors open out to a vanishing pool and sundeck. All of this has been designed with the stunning lake vistas in mind. A beautiful deck and boardwalk lead from the house down to the shore, giving homeowners beach access.


Relax and indulge in this outdoor oasis. Our plunge pool seamlessly integrates into the land, giving a sense of pure tranquility right in the backyard. No need to escape to the lake when this awaits you every day.

Jay Greene Architectural Photography

Gib-San Pools Ltd. Toronto

Landscape Design: AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. / Photography: Jeri Koegel

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