External wall mounted doors

2 years ago

I'm engaging a builder to undertake some works on my house, including installation of a covered deck and the construction of a cavity through the (weatherboard clad) wall onto the deck.

I need to find a suitable dooring solution for the cavity.

The cavity will be about 2.8 to 3m wide, spanning the full distance between structural posts.

I would like the doors to open as wide as possible.

I prefer not to use bi-fold doors as they will protrude too far beyond the wall when fully open.

My preferred configuration is a centrally opening pair of sliding doors mounted on the exterior wall. Each panel would be about 1.5m wide (or could equally be a pair of 0.75m off the shelf doors). The doors could slide away into a cavity attached to the outside wall. Add a second track and we would have a simple configuration for a pair of fly screens that also slide away when not in use. The sliding doors could be top or bottom supported, depending on what is easiest to implement.

Am I deluding myself that this is a fairly simple configuration that should be easy to implement?

And that it should have no greater weather sealing issues than other exterior sliding door configurations?

My builder wasn't encouraging when I raised the prospect with him. Where can I turn for advice and assistance?

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