We need a ceiling fan! but already have a pendant light we love.

last year

We had extensions last year and was told by our architect we wouldn't need a ceiling fan in our living room so we selected a lovely pendant light that we want to keep. We've decided the architect was wrong -Is there any way of installing a ceiling fan in this room? without losing the light or having it swing whenever it's/they're on.

I suggested wall mount fan/s in the corner but I'm unsure they reverse for use in winter and hubby hates that idea anyway.

Hubby thinks that we need to move the pendant back towards the wall and have one in front of the bulk head but I'm not convinced that the pendant won't look weird moved back.

Or are there tiny ones we can install ether side? I think there is only about 2 meters space either side for a fan.

Thanking you. :)

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  • PRO
    Frank Ansell
    last year
    I think you're right, you'll have to move the light if you want to put in a fan.

    Why do you think you need the fan? There might be another option.
  • legendaryflame
    last year
    You can get smaller fans. Can't remember sizes anymore but its certainly possible.