Entrance - advice on pots, plants and doormat please!

5 years ago


I am absolutely terrible at design from sizes, shapes and colours. Therefore, I need some advice on how to make my entrance gorgeous! I was told to buy two big pots to put on either side of french doors which I have done though they are not the same size as I thought it would look a bit formal for a house that is not very formal on the inside.

I think I may have chosen the wrong colour pots as they are an earthy muted tone whereas so is my deck and the walls so I don't have much contrast. I can utilise the pots elsewhere however. I've included a photo of some other pots I have that could be moved to front entrance. I've really no idea what to do ...

NOTE: It is NOT actually very light at the entrance as there is a roof over the verandah, however, the photos suggest it is light when it is actually quite a dark space.

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