Bathroom tiled skirting colour

Mark A
6 months ago

We are tiling a bathroom and new en-suite, we have chosen a floor tile (K-Slate Grafito)

And a wall tile (K-slate Silver)

Question is which colour tile would we use for the skirting in these rooms?

The shower walls will be almost floor to ceiling in the silver tile. The silver tile will also be used behind the vanity from floor to mirror height.

All other areas in the rooms will be Gibbed and painted.

Comments (4)

  • robandlyn
    5 months ago

    Skirtings are done in the same tile as floor.

  • pottsy99
    5 months ago

    I wouldn't do skirtings . I'd do the floor tile for '1 tile' up the wall ( assume they are 200 x 200 or 300 x 300 -- cut them if 400 or 600 ) . Personally , I'd probably even do the 'silver' tiled areas in that 1 height darker tile too , as it would make the whole room look more 'level' , but thats up to you and your tiler .

  • PRO
    Sharon Cross Interior Design
    4 months ago

    floor is dark, walls silver, so skirting has to be silver as it's wall. You correctly do horizontal surfaces in one product and the vertical surfaces in the other.

  • pottsy99
    4 months ago

    I'm certainly glad I'm not an Interior Designer -- I find its fun experimenting and seeing what works and suits my own style .