Help me choose aTV unit which will set the tone for the rest of the LV

Arese Fr
5 months ago
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Hello to the community!

So here's the story, this is my first time actually thinking about interior decoration/design as I'm moving in a couple of days in my first unfurnished unit.

That means we have to buy everything from the TV unit to the sofa, dining table etc.

The thing is that I have 0 experience designing home interiors, I don't know the fundamentals are when it comes to colors etc.

The first thing we want to buy is a TV unit (because we already bought a TV) but we're struggling to pick a model as we don't know if the color or design will match with how we are picturing our living room.

We're after a modern, contemporary look for our living room. I though I would show you a couple of ramdom pictures of living rooms I like so you can have a better idea of our taste.

Here's a picture of living room with staged furniture

Can someone shed some lights on what color I should aiming for based on the white walls and greyish carpet to achieve a sleek and modern look?

Also question. I really love the setup of this TV unit for my entertainment system, and by itself I think it's a good looking TV unit but would that go with a modern look? What is the expert consensus about wood based furniture in a modern living room?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • Kate
    5 months ago

    Modern = sleek, typically flat surfaces. Function will be very important as storage in an apartment is usually limited. So think about what you want to store. Xbox, cds, speakers, headphones, ....
    This will dictate size and reduce options. a white unit will probably fit in with most furniture and won’t crowd the room as dark wood can.

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  • Arese Fr
    Original Author
    5 months ago

    I already know exactly will go in the unit. Ideally 3 open shelves high enough for central speaker, AV receiver and PS4.

    Ok that's what I though, the brown walnut TV unit I posted above won't do it I think despite being exactly what I need in terms of storage and set up with 3 open shelves.

    I just came across that one which looked perfect, however the open shelves are too short

    Thanks for your input, this helps a lot I think I will eliminate the brown TV units.

    At least now I know which color to go for.

  • julie herbert
    5 months ago

    A few more ideas for you, I think white also, adding shelves for some precious pieces could look very stylish also. And some strip lighting looks fabulous.

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  • Arese Fr
    Original Author
    5 months ago

    Thanks Julie.

    These looks really nice. Now I'm totally sold on the white TV unit and I can narrow down my search.

    I found a few that I like unfortunately the issue is always that the open shelves are not high enough.

    No choice but to keep searching til I find THE one :)

  • PRO
    Moss Furniture
    5 months ago
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    We stock BDI USA Media Cabinets

    Built especially to accommodate sound bars, set top boxes large TV's etc

    Here are three that come in White