Complete Roof replacement - most cost effective way?

Justin Baxter
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

My single storey 190m2 brick veneer 1990s house has been significantly fire damaged and will require a complete roof replacement along with a lot of internal framing work. Roof is to be a gable with one hip.

Im wondering if anyone here has done the costing exercise as to the cheapest solution to put a new roof on. Previously the roof was concrete tile, which I understand to be a slightly cheaper option to metal sheeting, but im thinking surely you can save big on the number of trusses required for a metal roof system v a concrete tile since its so much lighter?

Would love to hear thoughts.


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  • pottsy99
    10 days ago

    There are so many variables , especially if it has been fire damaged , only a professional company ( or 3 ) would be able to give you the right advice .

  • jbatch105
    8 days ago

    We have just found out today that our tiled roof needs replacing. We are considering BlueSteel Corrugated roofing as a replacement. I would be very interested in any feedback/advice. Good Luck!!!