Check out this reno of a mud brick country house

Mikaela O'Shea
last month
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Thought I may as well start documenting my family renovation as we are partway through it over a number of years!

Bit of background, my mum fell in love with the property about 15 years ago, purchased with my stepfather, however they split up before anything was really substantially done to the house. Prior to us owning, it was a self builder who got as far as he did (including making the bricks!!) all on his own.

It sits on 20 acres in the Otways in Victoria - and we have a cabin that we stay in while we are renoing. Our plans are to build a holiday house that will be in the family forever - somewhere where we can entertain, relax, have kids hooning around on horses and motorbikes and swimming in the river.

House in approx 2014.

The upstairs was completely a blank slate, only accessible by ladder, with no floor plan, and there was no walls, or windows on the back wall where you can see straight through the windows and doorway on the left.

Current situation:

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