Colour ideas needed for a holiday house!

April 12, 2019
last modified: April 13, 2019

My parents, sister and I all own our holiday house which we’ve rebuilt recently (modular) and in the final few weeks my parents requested that the bottom section of the house (barge boards) be painted the same as the roof and carport - Colourbond deep ocean, against our Dulux Integrity colour home. I strongly objected but as my parents own 50% and my sister and I are 25%, my sister agreed to the contrast and I had to let it happen.

I think it looks aweful (understatement of the century) but my parents love it and won’t hear of changing the colour to match. I’m at my wit’s end.

This will be rented out on airbnb so I’m also worried it will affect this too.

I would like to paint over the blue Dulux Integrity main cladding colour with deep ocean (on down pipes, roof, deck roof pole, carport) to make sure everything matches and there’s no clashing of colours. Pics below.

Please let me know thoughts!!

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    It isn't a selection that I would suggest, but in a co-owned family situation it is sometimes better to lose a battle (and keep the peace). At the end of the day nobody renting an airbnb will be turned off by the colour of the barge boards or ask for a discount. They are more interested in number of beds and how good the wifi is. Put your energy into planting suitable low-maintenance, low height shrubbery that will soften the look of the house and conceal your parents poor taste in colour selections.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

  • siriuskey

    You win, what were they thinking!!, it would look better if the gray was black some shrubbery will help to cover the difference as Retro said

  • julie herbert
    Don’t worry do some fabulous landscaping as suggested and you won’t notice the colour scheme at all.
  • annb1997

    Age has definite advantages! Dr Retro said it Airbnb customer couldn’t care less about that. Nice landscaping suggestions, as ever, from Julie. Enjoy the income and investment potential.

  • Jennifer Bradley

    I understand how you feel, and maybe in time you will get something you enjoy looking at. We use AirBnB and truly, outside colour is something we couldn't care less about. We do care about spaces and provisions and preferably having a good shower, and a working kitchen (even if small) and a really really comfortable bed. For a few days or weeks, we can happily live with colours we wouldn't let into our house. And yes, landscaping to hide some of it would be beautiful, especially with really hardly plants.

  • Littlethommo

    I sympathise with you and if you can ever convince them to paint over the blue it would definitely look better as the two dark, cool colours together create quite a harsh appearance. If your parents wont budge then yes I think you need to landscape to draw attention away from the these two strong colours, focusing especially on plants with a light tone and texture that will soften the look of the home. Silver toned plants and landscaping materials would really compliment both the dk blue and dk grey and lessen their severity, as would willowy grass plants which look beautiful against a dark background and that could be strategically planted in front of areas where the grey-boards-meets-blue-house are really noticeable. You could also add some large silver/grey feature rocks, weathered timber or line paths with silver gravel to further soften the look and draw attention away from the two dark colours

  • siriuskey

    This a beach house, make life easy and just paint the lower part blue to match the upper walls perfect for this position and climate no need to change the pergola as it works,

    Just work on salt sand wind tolerant plants and ones that are easy care not requiring a lot of water.

    I guess I'am not the norm but having just left the holiday accommodation industry I want the lot exterior and interior spaces are both as important. That's been my experience with guests as well.

    These days with Air B&B there's a lot of accommodation choices and I mean a lot, so if you want to keep the Bookings at a good level and having great return guests, fix it, attention to detail is extremely important, we respond to our surroundings. If you have a shack with multi million $ views don't worry changing a thing the guests will be blinded by the view.

  • oklouise

    agreeing with other ideas but keep in mind that what we might hate in a permanent home could feel daring and adventurous in a holiday house

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    Feather & Suede Styling & Design
    I don't think it's that bad agree with others ......greenery will soften the pallet so will some exterior furnishings
    Good Luck