Kidney-shaped Pool Design Ideas

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This custom swimming pool was raised slightly to work with the current grade of the backyard. Retaining walls were built up around the pool to house plant material which softens the hardscape. Large evergreens were planted for privacy and cascading water features were installed to offer visual and sound interest.

Relax and indulge in this outdoor oasis. Our plunge pool seamlessly integrates into the land, giving a sense of pure tranquility right in the backyard. No need to escape to the lake when this awaits you every day.

Very small lot on a new construction with an elevation change

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THE MEETING OF MEDITERRANEAN NATURE AND DESIGN This luxurious garden has a strong Mediterranean character, but is daring with its elements of grand design. The paving which depicts curious snails on the cobbles, the original and modern furnishings, and the swimming pool, also entirely designed by Stefano Filippini, using sought-after materials and shapes, frame this Mediterranean corner from where you can enjoy a 360° view over Lake Garda. Landscape Designer: SFLandscapeArchitecture Landscape Contractor: Cherubini VivaiodelGarda Ph Mattia Aquila

This is an overview of the expanisve, free-form pool and grotto/waterfall. Note the mature trees that were saved during contruction [photo by Ian Adams Photography].

A John Kraemer & Sons home on Lake Minnetonka's Smithtown Bay. Photography: Landmark Photography

This view from upper deck shows the pool as the centerpiece of this large back yard. Due to the vastness of the yard and the towering trees, a very colorful rose and perennial garden was used to draw the viewers eye down to the pool level. In this photo you can more clearly see the colored and patterned pool deck as well as the flagstone coping. The lounge chair area was carefully sited to catch the most sun for tanning. The steps to the immediate right of steps lead down to a play lawn and native woodland. Photographer: Danna Cain, Home & Garden Design, Inc.


Photo: Patrick O'Malley