Shabby-Chic Style Family Room Design Photos

Rocky Mountain Rustic White Oak 9/16 x 9 ½ x 96" Rocky Mountains: This wide plank hardwood floor is brushed, it has grain effects, distressed, damage edges, nail marks all done by hand. Specie: Rustic French White Oak Appearance: Color: Light Sand color Variation: Moderate Properties: Durability: Dense, strong, excellent resistance. Construction: T&G, 3 Ply Engineered floor. The use of Heveas or Rubber core makes this floor environmentally friendly. Finish: 8% UV acrylic urethane with scratch resistant by Klumpp Sizes: 9/16 x 9 ½ x 96”, (85% of its board), with a 3.2mm wear layer. Warranty: 25 years limited warranty.


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texturesd carpet + floral and stripes - lauren_pengilly

This shabby chic sun room, uses neutral tones, a variety of textures, numerous finishes and a mix-match of furnishings to complete a totally cohesive look. The decorative pillows and distressed green chairs add color to the space, while the light half-window treatments keep the sun room feeling airy. Martha O'Hara Interiors, Interior Design | REFINED LLC, Builder | Troy Thies Photography | Shannon Gale, Photo Styling

Cozy family room with distressed, deconstructed furnishings combined with the clean lines of a white slipcovered sofa. light-filtering blinds and a sisal area rug reinforce the organic feel of this room
Open and lovely - christine_teran

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Lovely but simple furniture and decoration - christine_teran