Help merging toilet and bathroom?

5 months ago

I’m looking at merging the bathroom and toilet into one room. I could also bring the hallway wall (about 50cm) in a bit to also add some space. I'm keen to have a separate shower and bath if possible. Where I’m getting stuck is that I don’t want to move too much around in the bathroom where plumbing is involved, to keep costs lower. However it means the vanity sits below two different sized windows (they don’t match up with each other) - the mirror is currently on the wall to the left of the vanity, but I'd lose that option. How would I hang a mirror with these windows, or am I better to move the vanity?

Any great ideas on a) a mirror solution or b) creating one window from the two (house is brick) or c) am I better to mess around with the layout and move e.g. the toilet?

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