Why should you build a modular home?

5 months ago

Are you looking to build a new home - why not build a modular home?

The prefab and modular construction industry is growing rapidly, and for good reason. The ability for builder's to construct off-site allows for site preparation and earthworks to occur simultaneously to the constructions of your new home. Better access to machinery and tools and working in a warehouse environment cuts down on weather delays and maximises quality control.

If you're looking for a modular design, it's one of our specialties. Feel free to get in touch.

Some of our modular designs:

The Modular Lodge

Great solution for eco-cabins or a backyard granny flat.

Executive Modular Residence

Three bedroom, spacious and contempory family home

Hinterland Escape

Modular is perfect for a sloping site, with minimal need for expensive scaffolding!

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