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2 months ago

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice on improving the practicalities of my floorplan for a passive home build.

Front facade setback is 4m, garage 5m, east side boundary 1.5, west side boundary 1.2, rear boundary 4m.

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Some features/highlights that I have designed are:

1. Enlarged garage to fit 2 SUVs.

2. Single roller garage door to access side path

3. Double entry doors

4. 600mm eaves around perimeter of house

5. Extra powder room for guests

6. Adding louvre windows either side of window splasback on western kitchen bench to assist cross ventilation?

7. Covered alfresco on western side to buffet against western sun

8. Corner windows in open lounge to capture northern light.

9. 1400mm wide hallways to easier transportation of furnitures

10. Skylight at entrance to get some light into southern entry path.

11. Potentially raked ceiling along open plan kitchen/lounge/dining to capture more northern light.

12. Enlarged bedrooms (at least 12m2)

Hoping for further input and suggestions on design please.


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