Advice on deck layout

Ai C
April 16, 2019

hi houzzer experts! I wanted some advice on the do and do nots of decks. my yard is on a sloping deck with 10 steps down from the backdoor to the yard ground. I had initial plans on getting a deck built behind my dining room (and opening up the dining room window) but my drive through garage is only 2M high and accessing the laundry and garage will be difficult so I my next thought is to deck the existing back porch and across towards bathrooms and towards pool fence line ( looking at approx 10x5m deck) and then building a pergola on the east side of the deck
q1. will this look funny?
q2. is it weird having a deck where you can walk past a bathroom and toilet
q.3 is there a better option out there?

I've had 2 builders come in and suggest that I build a deck over an existing concrete area south of the pool fence but I feel like there's no flow from the house to the outside entertainment area and itll be nice to access a deck without having to track down 10 flights of steps.

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  • me me
    My first question would be: will you have enough head height to walk underneath the deck?
  • Ai C
    hi me me!
    The ground elevation is approx 1m at its lowest and just shy of 2m also highest in my proposed placement of the deck. I'll have to build a new set of stairs.
    I was told if I wanted to build a deck off my dining I'd have to excavate which I dont want to as we have a number of sewer lines and pipes running only half a meter under the ground and would be too costly
  • dreamer
    I think your suggestion would work. There are lots of homes that have their back verandah/patio across the back of the home, with bathroom and toilet windows. If you think this maybe an issue, you could install decorative screens in front of windows. Still allowing air flow, but privacy. Your land appears to slope up to the pool. Therefore the deck may almost be at ground level near the pool end.