Styling around a piano

Anna Finnane
August 29, 2018

We are getting into the final stages of a new build, and I’m starting to think seriously about the interior. We end up with an additional bedroom, bathroom, living and outdoor compared to our previous house, so I have a bit of shopping to do.

The walls are white, blackbutt (light) floors, and most of the furniture I’ve hung on to is neutral, except for the family piano. It’s the one we learnt on as kids, and even though nobody plays regularly, I think I want to hang on to it, BUT I am feeling like the entire living space will have to be styled around it because of the colour of it. It is gloss mahogany like this......

Any tips on working around this colour when it really doesn’t go with anything else I own?! What other colours would work in the room?

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  • julie herbert
    Hi Anna,
    So lovely to have such a memorable piece of furniture, as you said you have an extra space in your new home, you could make one into a music room , add some gorgeous seating, cushions, floor cushions and it could become a very popular and used space and give your much loved piano a new lease of life
  • dreamer
    The memories of learning 'chopsticks' when a teenager with my Grandma, on her piano. I think I then progressed to Que Sera, Sera (Doris Day) The red mahogany colour is difficult, but if you have your neutral colours and then add an accent piece that compliments the colour of the piano, then this will tie it all together.
  • dreamer
    I have a dark wooden 1961 singer treadle sewing machine, that doesn't blend with my colour scheme. It was my mums. It is such a special piece, it 'just works' in the room. The memories are greater than the colour scheme........
  • PRO

    I love these pictures with the pianos. Love the feel they give a room. I would go with gold/brass and traditional rather than too modern. I love the natural colours and maybe a grasscloth wallpaper feature wall with a ornate mirror or clock?