Tiling consistency

2 months ago

We are tiling our bedrooms but we can't get the same tiles that were used throughout the rest of the house (a very neutral off-white colour). What is the best way to ensure the bedrooms don't look out of kilter from the hallway? Should we contrast with very different colours or continue the neutral look with as close a match as we can get? Is there something one can do from the hallway into the bedroom to create an obvious 'change' a feature at the entrance?

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    Lauren Shiels Interior Design

    Hi there.

    If the tile you have has character, you could pull a colour from some of that character, for example if the tile had a beige fleck through out you could use a similar beige tile in the bedroom, otherwise just choose something that compliments the tile well to create a soft transition. Then use the colour of the existing tile in the room somewhere, with your bed linen for example or bedside lamp. Feel free to share an image of the existing tile.