Dining table dilemma! help

March 18, 2019
Hi all, in decisive about dining table colour. I have an oak dining table and dark brown thonet chairs for diff lives. Need advice on retaining oak table and getting new chairs OR new dining table and old chairs. Your advice greatly appreciated!!

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  • julie herbert
    Hi Freya,
    Fabulous table, I would search around for some new black chairs, something quite modern would look stunning with your table, gorgeous room.
  • PRO
    Weaver Interiors

    Actually, the difference in colours of the table to the chairs, co-ordinates well with the picture on the wall. Maybe what is necessary is a sheer curtain to soften all the bikes outside. There are fabulous loosley woven jute and imitation jute sheers available. Those look like original Thornet chairs and I am not a believer in throwing things out, especially when they are the real deal.

    It is difficult to photograph sheer curtains positively, the above images are just for examples.

  • me me
    I think the table and chairs go well together
  • JE C
    I also think the table /chair combination works well in the space.
  • Freya
    Thanks all for your comments. Really appreciated. Julie, the pictures helps a visual like me and I love those chairs. Weave Interiors, the suggestion of sheer curtains is great. I was going to block out bikes with outdoor plants but the curtains will evoke a better mood. Yes chairs are Thonet and glad to have opinions that the two different wood colours can work together. I have to get over the matchy matchy handbag and shoes thing!!
  • PRO
    Weaver Interiors

    Great, always good to have your individual style - especially when it works!

  • JE C
    Hi Freya. to make the mismatch look more "intended" you could put a bowl or other object on the table that has a similar dark timber to the chairs.
  • legendaryflame
    I would stain the legs of the table dark like the chairs and add something, a timber bowl or similar, in dark tones, on the table top.
  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia
    I love your space as is :) I think some beautiful potted plants outside to block the view of your bikes & some sheer curtains will soften your room beautifully. Nik
  • PRO
    Soul Styling Interiors

    Hey hey...

    i actually like the combo.. perhaps you could tie in the space with the artwork? Using a centrepiece.... But I wouldnt change the table or chairs. Even think about adding a rug.

  • Deanne Scott

    I love the artwork and was eyeing it off myself from Early Settler! The suggestion of something on the table is a great idea. Maybe a beautiful wooden tray with a group of succulents or herbs. That will also add some colour and a different texture. Along with the curtain idea, I think it will look great.

  • Freya
    Thanks Soul Styling Interiors and Deanne. So grateful for your feedback and am keeping the table! Will implement these suggestions and love the idea of a centrepiece incorporating succulents!
  • Freya
    Will also add a rug!
  • PRO

    I would be careful adding a rug for fear of losing that open contemporary feel. You could bring home one or two to try (overnight or so). I know Cadrys' in Sydney will allow you to do this. They have beautiful rugs!

  • julie herbert
    Agree, stunning as is.
  • littlethommo2 .

    I think it looks fantastic and you have good taste, I love the contrast between the light oak table / floor and the dark thonet chairs. The walnut colour of the chairs adds warmth and their shape compliments your artwork. Also because the backs are open and you can see through them they add a sense of spaciousness to the room whereas a fully upholstered chair will look heavy and visually make the room look smaller. Original Thonet chairs are a timeless classic and are valuable so I would hang onto them. I think the light is a little small for the space though so maybe a larger shade on the light would be worth considering as it would complete the look - such as a simple narrow drum shade which will not detract from the beautiful chairs.

  • PRO
    Moss Furniture

    I love this combination of tables and chairs.

    We would also suggest a RUG. Some of these would look great in this space ...


  • PRO
    Weaver Interiors

    I am somewhat concerned about the leather floor rugs under dining
    chairs, the look would be great, but imagine wrestling the joins with
    your chair. My memory of a child urgently requiring attention when I
    practically killed the uneven rug and other guest's upturned plates
    getting out. Have a look at Dash and Albert, they have indoor/outdoor
    simple design rugs that can be easily cleaned - even in the washing
    machine if they fit. Not too costly, not too thick either and useful
    sizing. For an heirloom, go to Living Edge - actually a great place to
    visit for up-to-the-minute design in furniture, lighting and rugs. Also note, the rug must still have room with the chairs right out for balance as well as the above catastrophe.

  • Freya
    Thanks all for your ideas and points of consideration. I really value your feedback and has enabled me to work well with what I have.