How to join weatherboards seamlessly on new extension

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We are building a garage extension (with a deck on top of it) to our 2-story home. My draughtsperson is proposing to run a facing board vertically down where the two structures meet, over the weatherboards. I'm going to question this technique, since I was expecting a seamless join where the rusticated weatherboards simply run seamlessly across the 2 structures to create the deck ballustrade wall. The facing board in my opinion accentuates the fact that the garage+deckroof has been "added on later" and looks unpolished.

anyone with technical expertise have ideas why he is proposing this ? I'm not being unreasonable?

Please see attached elevation picture, marked red arrow at the join.

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  • pottsy99

    I'm not a builder or an expert . The downstairs looks easy -- obviously you want exactly the same width and profile -- take 1 or 2 boards off the end of the house , add new boards , paint the entire thing . The garage will 'hide' the existing side wall , so that can be left as it is , relined , painted , whatever you want , as its now an 'internal' wall .

    Upstairs though is trickier -- I assume there are horizontal weatherboards along the side of the house , so adding across and 'around the corner' would be more difficult , but not impossible -- it will take more labour and a bit more materials .

    At the end of the day , talk to your builder -- they are the one that will asked , so if they say No , pretty much the end of the conversation -- you accept , or you look for another builder , who hopefully says yes , and even more hopefully , actually can do it haha !