2nd floor window - need a workaround for privacy!

Emily C
last month
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We're in the final design stage of our new house build in QLD, and there's a new issue that's popped up.

Our block backs onto a national park, and as such we've situated the master bedroom and ensuite at the back of the house to take full advantage of that vista. We requested large windows to go the full length of the bedroom wall (about 4.5m wide), and low enough (without losing height) to be able to see out when we're having our morning cuppa.

The builder has come back and said it's not possible due to building code around privacy and neighbours. All I can find online is this definition "The cone of vision must be no more than 45 degrees. This means the limits of outlook from any given viewpoint, applying a viewing cutting off point of no less than 45 degrees" https://www.absolutebalustrades.com.au/Blog/Privacy-Screen-Regulations 

I don't want privacy screens going across the windows because that defeats the purpose. I suggested to the builder to see if building the facade out further will help, or box in the windows externally but he's yet to come back to me on whether that will work.

So, my question is, does anyone have any design ideas where we can still maintain our beautiful outlook, whilst obstructing the view of the neighbours to code?

Thank you!


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