Scandinavian Living Room Design Photos

Photography by Josh Douglas of Hausable Photography


Renovation and Property Styling by Design + Diplomacy. Photography by Dylan Lark of Aspect11.
Couch - kpibudds

Suzi Appel Photography
Wall Colour!!!!! - angela_farr66

Ygreg Studio

Single Glazed - Fixed Lite & Awning Windows with Custom Black Frame and Black Hardware

Example of carpet square - gieve_slade

The TeePee Coat stand is the perfect piece of furniture. Suited for an entry, empty living room corner, bedroom or bathroom. It's simple design will add a luxurious nordic touch to any space. Tee pee coat stand - Made with select grade Tasmanian oak. Oak that has been hand sanded and waxed to create a high end quality smooth finish. With hand polished, buffed and clear coated copper or brass that will keep its natural brilliance and won't oxidise over time

Living as displayed at Clydevale Estate, Clyde North.
Relaxing neutral palette, lots of natural light. Feels calm. - carolynpkiwi


Formal Living Room at the Alpha Collection Essa home at the Arcadia Estate, Officer Victoria.
different setting style are tied in by wooden feet and colour. - nelliemjones

Hannah Blackmore
Love the colours of the couches with the rug - joelle_nareki

Gatherling Light

Design and styling by: Lauren Keenan Photo by: Nat Spadavecchia

D-Max Photography
position of kitchen - webuser_547278588


#monochrome #scandustrial - mintblond