Industrial style is a trend that replicates the unfinished feel of warehouses through raw materials and salvaged objects. Large, open spaces have sharp lines, utilitarian surfaces, and a dynamic interplay between pure form and function.

What is industrial architecture?

Industrial architecture encompasses anything related to industry and fabrication. It includes fully converted warehouses and factories that are stripped back and reveal the inner workings of the structure itself – exposed beams, unfinished walls and bare windows. Inner-city urban lofts often replicate this style of architecture through open-plan living, high ceilings, concrete floors and exposed brickwork.

What is industrial interior design?

Industrial interior design does not necessarily need to be teamed with industrial architecture. Stick to a neutral colour palette that has cool undertones and just add steampunk accents. What is usually concealed is also proudly showcased, so look to industrial lighting that is oversized or has exposed wiring, or try bare filament bulbs, to apply this concept.

What is industrial furniture?

Industrial furnishings are minimal and no-fuss. They are usually made from metal, steel and timber, and have a combination of rough and clean, flat surfaces. Also look for rustic furniture that has been salvaged or recycled. A popular trend, for example, is stacking old wooden crates to create an industrial coffee table.